transformative human resources solutions

The Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Collective

Helping Build & Sustain Productive, Equitable, Diverse and Inclusive Cultures


We are a collective of diverse professionals committed to delivering productive strategic solutions to organizations in the areas of Organizational Development, Human Resources and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. 


Our service offerings include:

Organizational Assessments to identify areas of opportunity; make recommendations to mitigate the impact of hidden biases and improve cooperative profitable productivity

  • Readiness assessments
  • Cultural assessments
  • Audits of people management practices and policies

Strategic Planning

  • Establish and facilitate internal cross-functional team(s) to develop recommendations for senior management
  • Work with senior management and other internal stakeholders to vet recommendations, create a DE&I action plan and implementation strategy

Internal and External Communications

  • Work with internal stakeholders to develop an effective ongoing communications strategy to inform and keep employees apprised of initiatives, outcomes, next steps
  • Execute DE&I marketing, communications and branding to increase visibility
  • Ensure alignment of internal and external messaging with organizational actions

Retention and Engagement to encourage internal dialogue, reflection and active participation in diversity, equity and inclusion efforts

  • Professional Creative Expression – use of various artistic or custom approaches and storytelling as a platform for micro-activism.  Extensive portfolio includes film, music, dance, poetry, art and spoken word creatives, including:
  • Writer, director and producer of award winning “Burden” film with facilitated discussion leaders, participant guides and FAQS.  Burden Official Trailer:
  • Singer and songwriter who produces and performs conscious music to enlighten and raise awareness around social issues and concerns.

Training and Development to engage staff in learning through a combination of lecture, skill-building and interactivity

  • Programs are highly-customized to meet each organization’s unique needs.  Training topics or skills may include cultural sensitivity, gender stereotypes, allyship, micro-aggressions and micro-inequities, intersectionality, building effective internal and external relationships, active listening, empathy, treatment of others, bystander and upstander behaviors and choices.
  • Programs are designed to target three primary tiers – senior leadership, managers, and non-managerial staff members

Client & Customer Experiences to expand the organization’s outreach to diverse, targeted audiences to strengthen market share

  • Customized infomercial production, community engagement activation, customer development programs and strategic event planning capabilities
  • Provide recognized national and international speakers, moderators and facilitators for keynote addresses, galas, workshops, conferences, panels and discussion groups

Recruitment and Executive Search Services to identify high-potential talent

  • Working closely with you to clearly understand your organization’s culture, operation and objectives, we source for the best candidate fit while ensuring a diverse slate of candidates.

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