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Our Search Methodology

We at MRW Consulting Group International, LLC are known for our subject matter expertise. We have built a strong reputation of success in partnering with our clients to identify and acquire high potential talent to manage their organizations and fulfill their mission. As part of our methodology, we work closely with you to clearly understand your organization’s culture, operation and objectives to ensure the best candidate fit.

Phase 1
Learn organization and department structure, analyze position objectives and timing
Develop detailed position description
Formulate search strategy
Define target universe
Perform extensive original research and data-base search
Source industry contacts/key organizations
Direct emailing and phone calls to target list of potential candidates
Identify prospective candidate universe


Phase 2
Prescreen interview
Benchmark candidate selection
Present benchmark profiles
Refine search-based on client feedback
Present carefully screened candidate slate


Phase 3
Client/candidate interviews
Candidate evaluation/ranking
Client/Candidate follow-up search continues
Final candidate selection
Secure candidate commitment
Partner with client in putting together an offer
Reference/social media checks
Formal offer/acceptance
Personal update with all candidates regarding their status